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Our Purpose

No homeowner relishes the day they need to file a claim against their homeowners’ insurance. It can be annoying, drawn-out, and, most frustratingly, opaque. When will someone call me back? When will I get my money? Does anyone care about my flooded laundry room?


At EIG Technology, we’ve been there. And because we’ve been there, we’re committed to using technology to enhance transparency and visibility during the claims process for both insureds and their carriers, every step of the way. 


Our proprietary platform includes an interactive First Notice of Loss, deep integrations into client systems to ensure efficient processing, and a visualization and messaging system. This visualization and messaging system — we call it Insight; we hope you’ll understand why — allows a carrier to see, filter, and select policies in a geospatial view, onto which weather events can also be overlaid. Once policies or claims have been selected, custom messages can be sent to those insureds. 

Insight gives carriers a unique view into their policies and claims and a powerful way to communicate with their customers.

The EIG Difference

Since the inception of EIG, we have operated with the imperative to treat our customers like family. Whether it is our carrier partners or your insureds, our promise is to do the right thing no matter what it takes to deliver on our promises while providing an exceptional insured experience.

EIG Technology is a part of a larger consortium of companies that can facilitate any part of the insurance process: technology, claims processing, restoration services, and mitigation services.

Connect With EIG Technology

EIG Technology: 518 W Riverside Ave., Suite 50
Spokane, WA 99201

EIG Holdings: 301 E Gibbs Blvd Glen Rose, TX 76043


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